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Sorel: Death of Europe would be a ‘tragedy for humanity’

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Of Algerian origin and Marseille-born, Sorel talked about what she sees as the risks of non-integration in European societies and about what she believes Europe must do to regain its position in the world.

She was advisor to Prime Minister François Fillon on educational and immigration issues, during the 2017 presidential election.

*** As I show in my books, European institutions have played a deleterious role in this immigration subject.


*** It is impossible to exercise leadership through words alone. Leadership thrives on tangible results. The President has been there for seven years. However, his results are bad.

You are strong and powerful when you have demonstrated that you are capable of improving the situation of your own country; when you have a very large army, when you possess technologies that other countries need and you are one of the only ones who hold, or when others depend on you for their food and health, medicines or vaccines.

You can also exercise or claim leadership when your own society is itself strong, united and peaceful, and not disunited and prone to violence, as French society is currently. 


*** Instead of learning wise lessons from this, the governments of the various countries of the European Union continued to let in large numbers of immigrants.

When there is such a problem, we think do think about it. We are not stubborn. However, the European Union is stubborn and therefore puts the destiny of Europe in danger.

We are facing a serious denial of democracy because the elites are working here against their own people. This is a fact. It is as if parents who had failed to create a climate of serenity between brothers and sisters, and even had created a climate of permanent tension, continued to adopt new children.


*** The great thinker Alexis de Tocqueville warned of this terrible fragility of citizens of democracies. It is necessary to reread On Democracy in America, in particular volume II. Everything is said there.


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